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Neck Pain Treatment

We are the best neck pain treatment provider in Delhi NCR at affordable price. Contact us to get instant relief from your neck pain and resulting in a touching gesture. You can quickly contact us to get expert physiotherapy treatment at your doorstep. Call Now and Book Your Appointment

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Back Pain Treatment

Suffering from back pain, make a hassle-free appointment with us to hire the best physiotherapy expert to cure back pain. We are one of the best back pain treatment specialist in New Delhi and nearby cities. Get quick treatment without surgery only by stretching.Call Now and Book Your Appointment

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Physiotherapy at Home

Book appointment with us to get the best physiotherapy treatment in Gurgaon & Delhi NCR. We are the largest physiotherapy service provider for pain and sports injuries nearby you. We have the best therapy team to provide quick service and medicines.Call Now and Book Your Appointment

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Joint Pain Treatment

Get instant joint pain solution by connecting with us in a few days. You can experience the best joint specialist and their service near you. We are one of the most trusted joint pain treatment service providers in the national capital region.Call Now and Book Your Appointment

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Spine Treatment in Delhi NCR

You are at one of the leading spine treatment clinics in Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi NCR with a top-rated spine specialist. We are doing both surgical and non-surgical spine treatment in Delhi, and Gurgaon. Experience the best possible service in the comparative price.Call Now and Book Your Appointment

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Disc Prolapse Treatment

Here we are treating disc prolapse with physical therapy for all disc and spinal bones. Treatment includes both surgical and non-surgical methods according to the complexity. You can get the best available solution near you for disc prolapse.Call Now and Book Your Appointment in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi NCR

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Welcome to Capri Spine Clinic

Spine Institute

CAPRI Spine Institute is among the best equipped spine institutes in the country especially designed to bring physiotherapy treatment comparable to international standards in and around Delhi....

Capri Spine Offers

Treatment of various spine disorders and conditions like Back Pain/Chronic Back Pain, Cervical Pain/Neck Pain, Sciatica, Spinal Stiffness/Hypomobility, Spine Instability/Hypermobility to name a few...

Capri Spine Centers

Capri’s Spine Centres are committed to look into the various issues that people are facing due to their spine. The spine centres consist of the leading doctors who ensure the best of treatments for the spine....

How we diagnose

Capri's Digital Segmental Spinal Assessment and Treatment (CDSSAT) is an innovative, highly sensitive computer assisted spine scanner that display the spine's shape and mobility in the sagittal and frontal planes (3D image)....

Know the Options of Spine Treatment without Surgery

With the increase in age, most of the adults face what is called back pain and spinal problems. Due to lack of calcium and other essential nutrients, your bones become soft and brittle. It becomes difficult for the person to walk or carry heavy loads. It leads to frustration and finally, you have to go for spinal hospital for advice. Many spinal doctors would give you ways in which you could be able to regain your old strength without going under the operation table.

You should immediately go to the best spine hospital in if you feel weakness in limbs and face balance problems. Surgery is not always the only option, and therefore many doctors or spine hospital believe that un-operative spinal care is better when the risks are less. These are some of the few ways by which you get to know about replacement options in place of spine operation.

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You Could Try Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is based on the type of condition you are suffering from. Many spine center first understand your problem and under the guidance of a renowned spinal doctor provide you with certain exercise regimes. Not all kinds of exercise are meant for every type of back pain treatment. The activities are tailored keeping in mind what your specific needs are. In physical therapy some of the most common tasks that doctors advise you to do are

  • Stretching and making your body flexible exercises.
  • Muscle or core strengthening
  • Sometimes if you are at the beginner’s stage then aerobics.
  • Also, doctors advice to check your pain tolerance.

Why not try meditation?

From the age old days, people used to believe that meditation leads to diseases free health. Even today people think that meditation helps to strengthen both your physical and mental health. They help you to get rid of your frustration, irritation and also one of the major diseases that people face today-depression.

Rehabilitation psychologists in the spine center help you by recommending you with various mediation poses. They are suitable for your health and also yoga that leads to your strength and well being. It helps to keep your mind away from pain and distracts you and helps you in relaxing.

Have You Ever Thought That Diet Could Help You with Spinal Problems?

High carbohydrate and sugar diet could be terrible for your body. Food rich in protein and taking calcium tablets is what the doctors recommend when you reach a certain age. You should always check with your doctor in spine hospital to see whether there is any way by which your diet could contribute to your spinal treatment or not. Maintaining healthy weight is always advised. It reduces pressure on your weak bones and keeps you fit for a longer time.

Modify the Way You Lead Your Life

The way you lead your life always has a direct connection with your health. When you have spinal problems, it is essential that you understand what your limitations are. And learn how you should adapt to your situation. Take break when you are working continuously or mowing the lawn.

Do not carry very heavy groceries. Some activities could increase your pain and spinal problems. Keep in mind the events that cause you pain and try to avoid them as much as possible. Also, keep in mind that best spine hospitals always recommend you to stay away from smoking and drinking as they have an adverse effect on your health.

Injection and other Alternative Options

Epidural steroid injections and other such medications could be given to relieve you from the pain that you would suffer if you go for a spine operation. Injection based procedures are available in the spine centre. They use the best syringes and medicines. Injections could lessen pain and also lead to long-time isolation from such illnesses.

There are many other options regarded as alternative treatment solutions like acupressure, massage, and therapy. This would lead to a difference in your back pain and spinal problems. Thus, alternative solutions could benefit you in many ways.

Heat or ice packs application also gives you relief when you are suffering through right back pain and spinal problems. Only applying heat and ice pack always do not work. It is best if you use it alternatively as prescribed by doctors. Many types of oral medications and drugs also help you with your problem. And save you from operative treatment. It depends on how much the patient can take and what the limitations are.

Spine capri provides you with the best solution for spine treatment without surgery. Following these basic methods, you could save yourself from hospital bills and unwanted post operative pain. Your spinal problem and neck pain would determine which treatment would be best suitable for you. Make sure that you start following this on a regular basis to avoid unwanted spinal problems.

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