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Initiated in 1992, Capri started its dedicated Physiotherapy services to health, mobility and fitness in East and North parts of Delhi. Since then, we have been successful in achieving our goal to optimize human function and movement and maximize potential. We cater to the needs of more than 400 patients a day with care for each patient tailored for individual needs. Over a span of last decade, we have treated more than 65,000 patients successfully! Many therapies & equipments were introduced for the 1st time in Delhi by Dr. Deepak Kumar, who holds an international degree from Australia in manual therapy.


  • 1. Well-qualified and experienced therapists and medical professionals.
  • 2. Result oriented highly professional services set up ambience designed with patient needs in mind.
  • 3. Latest international level treatment and modalities treating patients in all aspects of their assessment.
  • 4. Services for 12 hours a day and Six days a week at competitive price
  • 5. Free Services to people living below poverty line.
  • 6. Researched and developed applications of Electrotherapy.
1. What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is an artistic science, for it requires acquisition of extreme skill to make apt use of all the energies to best of their potential. Medicine has advanced & ventured into various aspects of pain relief, physiotherapy is one of them. And one aspect which sets it apart from the rest, is the fact, that it has no adverse side-effects, whatsoever , i.e. if delivered properly, by a well qualified physiotherapist to a suitable patient at appropriate time. Physical therapy also plays a significant role in Obstetrics & Gynecological conditions, skin disorder, burns/plastic surgery, dentistry, & ENT etc.

Physiotherapy has undergone a dramatic change over the last decade. Now, manual therapy techniques are available with the help of which an experienced physiotherapist can cure any kind of pain & stiffness in 1-3 visits only. Manual therapy is a specialized branch of Physiotherapy wherein assessment and treatment of ailment is carried out manually by the Physiotherapist dealing with neurological and muscular problems

2. Mulligan's Concept.

Brian Mulligan's concept of mobilizations with movement (MWMS) in the extremities and sustained natural apophyseal glides (SNAGS) in the spine are the logical continuation of this evolution with the concurrent application of both therapist-applied accessory and patient generated active physiological movements. This simple yet effective manual approach addresses musculoskeletal disorders with pain free manual joint "repositioning" techniques for restoration of function and abolition of pain.

3. Courses offered.

To make "pain relief" a global phenomenon, we offer courses in manual therapy recognized nationally and internationally. These CMEs are held by Dr. Deepak Kumar, the 1st Asian accredited to be a certified Mulligans Concept Teacher by MCTA as per the norms given by IFOMT. He is as well amongst 43 accredited manual therapy teachers all over the world mainly from America, Europe and Australia. Hence, he is authorized to conduct courses in manual therapy for Mulligan's concept anywhere in the world and the certificates issued by him are recognized with equal value internationally.