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Back pain risk factors and specialists in Gurgaon

Back pain specialist in Gurgaon

Back pain is a very serious health issue and it becomes more painful for neglecting it for a long time. Proper treatment is required to get rid of this unbearable pain. Back pain can result from any type of injury, due to some medical conditions and for any long-time activity. It can affect people of any age and the possibility of developing lower back pain enhances as people get older. A large portion of people is suffered from back pain problem. The current survey of medical history in Gurgaon, it is noticed that young people are also suffering from this problem along with old aged people. The problem of back pain is presently observed to all people from male to female. But it is also seen that lower back pain is mostly noticed in female patients after a certain age. The list of lower back pain patients and also lower back pain specialist in Gurgaon is high enough.

Young people who are always busy at their office work and most of the time they work by sitting in the chair for a long time suffer from back pain problem. Researchers from back pain specialist Gurgaon have declared that IT professionals in Gurgaon mostly face back pain for working the whole day at the office. There are high number of back pain specialist in Gurgaon who give better treatment to all patients who suffer from back pain.

Some famous back pain specialist in Gurgaon

In Gurgaon, there are a large number of a research institute in back pain and hospitals where highly qualified medical professionals provide the best services to all patients. DR. DEEPAK KUMAR (Director & Sr. Consultant Manipulative Physiotherapist) B.P.T. (NIRTAR), M.S.P.T. (GNDU), C.O.M.T. (Curtin Univ.), F.I.A.P., Ph.D. (Mulligan Concept) delivers high-quality back pain treatment in Gurgaon. Capri Spine is known for having a team of best spine doctors in gurgaonsince 1992. At Capri Spine the patient is treated with all the latest technology equipment’s. The spine and back pain specialist are all trusted and renowned physiotherapist and surgeons in gurgaon

Back pain treatment in Gurgaon

The medical team of back pain provides efficient back pain treatment advice and service. Patients feel less pain after back pain treatment in Gurgaon. Best physiotherapists and orthopedic surgeons of back pain treatment Gurgaon always deal with patient very politely and gives treatment as per the level of pain. Lower back pain is generally linked to the spinal cord, discs between vertebrae, bony lumbar spine, nerves, pelvic and abdominal internal organs, skin beside lumbar area and lower back muscles. Some activities like lifting something in an appropriate manner which is too heavy or making awkward and abrupt movement are responsible to cause back pain.

Risk factors associated with the lower back pain

Medical professionals of back pain treatment Gurgaon reveal that constant lower back pain is directly connected with some common factors in day to day life. Sedentary lifestyle, poor physical fitness, older age, smoking, pregnancy, occupational activities, excess weight and obesity, genetic factors, some serious medical conditions like cancer and arthritis are some common factors to increase the problem of lower back pain.