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How Physiotherapy Can Help Improve Your Good Posture

Good Posture: Its Importance, Benefits, and How-To

Do you have an incorrect posture that you want to mend right away with the help of professionals? We at Capri Spine provide you with the ultimate international standard treatment that very few follow here. We assure you that we have some of the best physiotherapists and doctors who would be able to provide you with the best treatment solutions. Capri Spine is often regarded as one of the leading spine institutions posture clinic where we diagnose several ailments and provide treatment plans curated individually for everyone.

 We are committed to looking at every issue regarding forward head posture treatment that you might be suffering from and help you lead a healthy life. Having any spine disorder, give us a visit as we use the most recent and modern technology-based physiotherapy treatments which are used by some of the top international standard institutes.

 What are the Conditions that We Diagnose?

 Spine disorders could be of varying degree and require different types of treatment plans. The conditions that we look after are chronic pain, cervical pain, neck pain, posture pains, spinal stiffness, instability in the spine and forward head posture treatments, sciatica, spondylitis, strain in the muscle while you have been lifting any heavy machinery, neck stiffness, as well as muscle stiffness.

 Also, we provide treatment for severe another diagnosis as well like spinal cord injury, post-surgical back pain; also If you are pregnant and just gave birth, we offer post and pre-pregnancy back pain relief as well.

 Why Maintaining a Good Posture is Important?

 Posture stands for the way or method by which a person holds their body upright against the strong pull of the gravity. And for maintaining a good posture, your spine must be rightly aligned. Otherwise, it could cause problems like back pain drooping. We at Capri Spine understand the frustration behind it and provide you with some of the best inadequate posture treatment plans, all of which follow international standard.

 Proper alignment that of the spine is critical, and as the spine has mainly three curves, sometimes the wrong right alignment might cause you real pain and fatigue a well. From a very early age, parents tell us to maintain the right kind of posture so that at later stages of life we do not face bad posture treatment with our back.

 Some of the correct posture sitting techniques would be ears right above the shoulder, shoulders you should always keep it in align with the hips, and feet should always touch the ground and sitting straight with the help of full back support. This would help you in the long way to maintain and keep yourself away from the pain and fatigue that come with incorrect postures.

Trust CapriSpine Physiotherapist to Provide you with the best Spinal and Postural Treatment Plans. 

What Does Capri Spine Offer to You?

 If you are looking for experienced physiotherapists who would be using the latest technology in terms of diagnosing and stooped posture treatment, then we are your best option. Clinics of Capri Spine are the best-equipped clinics, and we provide personalized attention to every patient that walks through the doors.

 The doctors would first listen to your issues and do some investigations to find the cause. We make sure that the forward neck posture treatment we would be providing you is 100% accurate so that you can go back the way you used to live your life.

 We provide you with non-invasive drugless back pain bad posture treatment so that no harm is done to you. We make sure that your treatment procedure is risk-free and affordable. All our clinics are running successfully, and we have been providing treatment to people for quite a few decades now. We provide you with special international standard maintained services that you would hardly find anywhere else.

 How Do We Treat At Capri Spine?

 From electrotherapy to exercise therapy and postural problems and treatments, there is nothing that you would not find with us. We believe in providing non-invasive drugless treatment plans and help you get better as soon as possible.

 We provide you with manual therapy that truly enhances the way and uplifts the treatment by many folds making your well in a short period. We have some of the best experienced and adequately trained specialists who know what they are doing and are not afraid to take that extra mile when it comes to providing you with the best treatment plans.

 Capri Spine is your best option when you are looking for some of the best forward head posture treatment exercises plans at an affordable rate. With a careful, controlled individual plan, we make sure that you get only the best. Our patients have been satisfied with our treatment plans, and if you are looking for some international standard treatment plans, then visit our clinic and talk to our specialists.


Posture is the way people hold their bodies upright against the downward pull of gravity. Proper alignment of the spine is necessary for good posture. The spine is not straight; it has three curves, bending inward at the neck, curving slightly out at the upper back and in again at the lower back.


Correct posture alignment should be seen from the side as an imaginary vertical line from the ears, shoulders, pelvis and hips to the knees and ankles. Allowing these curves to get deeper or flatter throws the muscles and joints out of alignment, ultimately causing back pain and fatigue. The head should sit directly above the torso and not poke out in front of it, while the chin should be level with the floor. The shoulders must be relaxed and back, but not forced. Chests ought to be slightly lifted -- as though pulled toward the ceiling by a string -- but also not forced. The pelvis should be relaxed, not tilted either forward or back.


  • Ears should be right above the shoulder
  • Shoulder should be in-line with the hips.
  • Knee slightly lower than the hip
  • Feet should touch the ground
  • Preferably use full back support

Who Can Help You Achieve Good Posture?

Your physiotherapist is the ideal health professional to identify your posture style and provide you with hands-on treatment, posture correction exercises and helpful home products for you to achieve great posture again! And… you're never too old to start. It just gets harder to change your old ways.

If you need posture correction advice, please contact physiotherapist, to book appointment fill form.

Physiotherapist is the ideal health professional to identify your posture style and provide you with hands-on treatment, posture correction exercises and helpful home products for you to achieve great posture again! And… you're never too old to start. It just gets harder to change your old ways.

The number one tip to achieve a great standing posture is to simply "stand tall" ! All the muscles that you need to push you taller are the same ones that improve your posture.

Stand against a wall with shoulders and bottom touching wall. The rear of your head should lightly touch the wall.


Capri Spine Clinic did an excellent job in carrying out a comprehensive compensation bench-marking exercise for the valuation profession. We were very impressed by the breadth and depth of information they were able to pull together in a very short period of time.

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Mr. Manoj Sharma

Dr. Deepak and his team of dedicated physiotherapist are the best i have come across Hard working, dedicated, always smiling and caring are just a few words to express by experience with them I highly recommend them and all the best to this wonderful team

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Anurag Bhagat

I was suffering from lower back pain. I consulted so many doctors with endless sessions of physiotherapy but no effect. I attended the Capri Spine Clinic for lower back pain on the recommendation of my friend.
Dr Deepak Kumar was attending doctors. Just by a month treatment programme, I had surprisingly good results. Thanks to Dr Deepak Kumar.

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Avinav Kashyap

I had shoulder n neck pain which was migrating to my head and causing severe headache quite often from past 5-6 years. They explained me the root cause of the problem and step by step worked on my problem areas. I felt relieved in the first sitting itself. Well trained, helpful and polite staff. Am really thankful to them.

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