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Neck Pain Treatment Delhi

Neck Pain and Treatment of Neck pain in Delhi

Neck Pain Specialist Doctor in Delhi

Neck pain is a common health issue which is found in a large portion of people presently. Delhi is a famous city where a large number of people come for job purposes from a different city. Young people who work in IT sectors are found to suffer from serious neck pain. Generally, neck pain is concerned with a pinched nerve, whiplash, and herniated disc. There is a wide number of neck pain specialist doctor in Delhi who give outstanding medical service for neck pain.

Symptoms and Signs of Neck Pain

Highly qualified and well-trained doctors for neck pain treatment in Delhi considers that neck pain is caused not only for any particular ages or gender. It can affect on any people and has some common symptoms or signs which include constant and long-time pain around the neck only, numbness, sudden color changes, dizziness, deformity, facing difficulty in swallowing etc. Facial pain, shoulder pain, arm numbness, and headache are also some signs or symptoms of neck pain.

General Causes for Neck Pain

A large number of neck pain specialist in Delhi has discussed some general causes of neck pain. According to the neck pain doctor in Delhi, Doctor Deepak Capri, the best spine physiotherapist specialist, major causes of neck pain includes neck and head cancer, spondylosis, stress, prolonged postures, herniation of the spinal disc, spinal stenosis, pinched nerve, dissection of carotid artery etc. Neck pain sometimes can be caused due to some diseases such as tuberculosis, meningitis, fibromyalgia or muscles strains in the neck. Long and uninterrupted working habit in front of a laptop for a long-time duration or the whole day and use of mobile phones constantly can cause neck pain.

Neck Pain Treatment in Delhi

Neck pain specialist doctor in Delhi firstly focuses on physical therapy which can cure the neck pain of the patient permanently if the pain is minor, not severe enough. Physical therapy always helps a patient who has already suffered from neck pain problem for a long time period. Short wave, laser, ultrasonic diathermy, neck strengthening exercises are some useful physical therapy for neck pain. By exercising gradually, the weak portion of neck regains enough strength and after some days the patient feels less pain.  If the patient feels more neck pain than before, he or she should consult with the doctor as the neck pain, in that case, is not minor. Some injections are pushed to the patient as a neck pain treatment in Delhi. Cervical epidural injection, facet injection and trigger point injection are some available treatment options for chronic neck pain.

A medical team of treatment for neck pain in Delhi provides a scheduled exercise programme as per the condition of an individual and it also depends on the level of pain. Along with exercise, a general combination of aerobic conditioning, stretching and strengthening treatment is also delivered to the patient of neck pain in Delhi. Any neck pain specialist in Delhi at first gives suggestion to visit an efficient physiotherapist who can easily diagnose the actual problem and condition of the neck. After that diagnosis, healthcare professional decides to give a particular treatment plan to the patient.