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Quick Relief Treatment: Prolapsed Disc, Slipped Disc, Herniated Disk

At Caprispine clinic, we provide world-class Treatment for lumbar Disc Bulge along with other treatments of disc prolapsed. If you are seeking for treatment for slipped disc or any kind of herniated disk treatment, then your search ends with us. Our team of efficient doctors, along with well trained physiotherapists are bound to provide you the best of the treatments within a short span of time.

Back problem, no matter how acute or chronic it maybe, can severely ruin your daily chores and within a short span of time, can become bothersome. Back problems should not be ignored and a good spine specialist along with a physiotherapist is to be sought out to help you cope up with the problem. Even though most of the spine and back pain problems originate with age and degeneration, the same can also be cause by accidental jerks or sudden injury.

CAPRI spine clinic, that has its wings spread across Delhi, provides you a complete spine treatment solution along with pre and post treatment care, regular checkups as well as physiotherapy and other facilities. You can approach any our clinics for a carefree and high-end treatment.

Cause and Remedy

Back pain problems arise due to a multiple reasons and can be medically separated into different treatments depending upon the problem. However, the most common back problems that patients come up with are the lumbar disc bulge or herniated disc where in the disc generates and breaks down. Due to this the inner core can leak out through the outer portion of the disc. Another most common problem is the prolapsed disc that often presses on a nerve root which can cause pain and other symptoms in the legs. Yet another very common problem that most patients complain is the slipped disc that too causes the outer ring of the disc to bulge out and result into severe pain. For these types of disc problems, a treatment is a must.