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Capri Spine Offers Unmatched Quality Physiotherapy Services at Home

The solution to back or neck pain is physiotherapy. Competent physiotherapists work in health clinics, hospitals, community centres etc. You can even get physiotherapy services at home in Delhi for your convenience. You can find proficient and experienced physiotherapists at CapriSpine. We are a chain of clinics that offer top-notch quality physiotherapy services in the east, south, west and north parts of Delhi.

We offer services in physiotherapy in our state-of-the-art clinics since 1992. We even offer services in physiotherapy at home in east Delhi and provide customized care according to the need of each patient.

Get the Best of Physiotherapy at Home Delhi

People who suffer from excruciating back or neck pain, the best treatment for them is physiotherapy at home in Delhi. Some people suffer from unbearable pain that limits their mobility and they cannot move outdoor. Do not worry if you cannot visit Capri Spine clinic for physiotherapy treatment. You can avail physiotherapy treatment at home as well by contacting our physiotherapists. You can contact our physiotherapist directly for an appointment. Before choosing a physiotherapist, ask about the area of specialization of the physiotherapist and only then appoint him.

What To Expect in Physiotherapy at Home in Delhi?

On the first day of your meeting with your physiotherapist at your home, he or she would ask you a couple of questions associated with your health to provide you better treatment. You must be specific and answer all questions with clarity. After taking your medical history, the physiotherapist would carefully and thoroughly examine the region of pain and immobility. You are expected to honestly answer whatever questions the physiotherapist asks you during the assessment. After the assessment, he would devise a plan of treatment. The treatment would include exercise and medicine for recovery.  

Get the Best Specialists for Physiotherapy At Home in South Delhi

After a careful and thorough physical examination, the physiotherapist would be able to diagnose your problem. On the basis of his diagnosis, he would chalk out a treatment plan which would help you in recovering soon and achieving your health goal. The success of the treatment depends on accurate diagnosis, treatment plan as well as cooperation from the patient. During the entire process of the physical examination, the patient is expected to cooperate and answer all questions honestly. During the treatment, the patient is expected to work out regularly, maintain a healthy diet and sincerely do the exercises the physiotherapist approves.

Exercises the Physiotherapists Suggests to Patients

If you want to avail services in physiotherapy at home in Delhi, you may call Capri Spine to fix an appointment with one of our competent physiotherapists. Here are some general and specific exercises that the physiotherapist would teach you and instruct you to do at home.

1. General Conditioning Exercise

Back pain can discourage you to avoid exercising but the physiotherapist would urge you to exercise daily. Bed rest would only aggravate your pain and weaken your muscles. To increase your overall endurance or body strength, you must walk or jog for 5 days in a week.

2. Specific Exercise

‘Pelvic Tilt’ Exercise: You need to lie down on your ‘back’ on a firm surface with the feet flat on the firm surface and knees bent. You should tuck the stomach inwards by pulling the lower part of the abdominal muscles and then hold your back during breathing easily out and in.

Back Extension Exercise: You need to lie down on your ‘stomach’ on the mat with your entire weight exerted on the forearms. While lying down lean on the elbows and stay in that position for 5 to 10 seconds. During the exercise ensure to relax your lower back completely.

 Physiotherapy is the ultimate cure for all types of body pain. It helps in improving your posture, strengthening your muscles and overall mobility of your body apart from lessening pain. Contact CapriSpine and make an appointment with an adept physiotherapist right away and get the best physiotherapy at home in Delhi.