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Physiotherapy for Back Pain

Physiotherapy for Back Pain and Lower Back Pain

Physiotherapy can heal and can help you feel okay after a long session of stressful surgeries or diseases. Talking about conditions, we also include frustrating ailments like back pain, leg pain, and so on. To speak on a broader sense, all sorts of spinal problems have their end to some point in having some back pain.

Quite honestly, when you start doing Physiotherapy, you can get relief from that. At Capri Spine, we have a lot of qualified Physiotherapists who can even help you by making you do Lumbar Spondylosis Physiotherapy treatment. Let us get into that topic without any delay to know about the top Spinal problems, which you can cure by doing Physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy for Sciatica - Recover Yourself by Physiotherapy

Not everyone knows that Sciatica is a symptom, and not a diagnosed disease. Sometimes a pinched nerve can affect the lower spinal nerves, and that is how it passes to your leg to form a cramp.

Sometimes, the pain becomes so irritating that you can even face problems while sitting or walking correctly. There is a way out of this, and once you consult with our Physiotherapists, Physiotherapy for Sciatica can start to heal your stinging sensation on your leg.

Lumbar Spondylosis Physiotherapy Can Make You Feel Better

At Capri Spine, we have professional Physiotherapists for you to take care of your Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease, or Lumbar Spondylosis in short. It is a syndrome referring primarily to the back pain, which happens due to a compromised disc.

Not always does it happen for genetically transferred reasons, but whatever be the cause is, we look for making you cured. That is why Lumbar Spondylosis treatment Physiotherapy is the key to making you feel better.

Physiotherapy for Lower Back Pain - Stop Suffering from Pregnancy Back Pain

Back pain caused due to Pregnancy can be annoying, mainly if you had your delivery quite recently. What happens in Pregnancy is that your body becomes cumbersome, and that puts pressure on joints.

Now, coming to Pregnancy, the Uterine and Abdominal muscles stretch and weaken steadily. Which can put a lot of passive stress on your body, and ultimately, you end up having bad back pain? Do not worry as you can start doing Physiotherapy for lower back pain under our trained Physiotherapists.

Lower Back Pain Physiotherapy Can Reduce Post-Surgical Stress

FBSS or Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is not any syndrome, although the name suggests so. It is the back pain what you get after you have a back or Spinal surgery, which somehow failed to become successful.

Back pain for FBSS can vary from one patient to another patient, and our professional Physiotherapists will judge the root of your back pain. Sometimes the surgery itself is responsible for the pain. After deciding your cause, our Physiotherapists will tell you about Physiotherapy back pain exercises, which will heal you over time.

Back Pain Physiotherapy Can Ease Your Case of Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis is a common symptom found in people due to aging. When open spaces start to become shallow within your Spinal Cord, the problem of Spinal Stenosis starts to occur. As a result, great pressure forms on the Spinal Cord and the nerves.

Alongside having a high neck and lower back pain, Spinal Stenosis can also affect your internals like muscle weakness and create problems in bladder and bowel functions. Most of the time, Spinal Stenosis is evident in X-Ray reports, but sometimes they do not.

As soon as the symptoms start to appear, they start to worsen gradually. Most of the time, Doctors will ask you to go for surgery, but if you are against that, no worries because, at Capri Spine, we do Physiotherapy for lower back pain.

Physiotherapy Treatment for Back Pain Can Cure Facet Joint Arthropathy

Do you know that Facet joints are the structural joints that connect one vertebra with another? The jobs of the Facet joints are to provide stability and support to your Spinal Cord and Facet Joint Arthropathy is the disease that happens when the bones start to degenerate. This disease gives rise to the neck, upper back, and lower back pain.

If the problem occurs in the Lumbar region, then the pain can even slide down to your butt and further down to your thighs. Consult with us at Capri Spine as we offer you our top Physiotherapists for doing Physiotherapy for back pain at home.

Doing Physiotherapy at the comfort of your home is crucial because you need to refrain from lifting heavy things or being in motion for a long time.

Physiotherapy Can Even Improve Scoliosis

One of the most prominent Spinal disorders that can affect your daily life mostly is Scoliosis. The Spinal Cord is what gives us the strength to stand erect and sit. There is already a slight curvature on everyone's Spinal Cord, but when the disease hits you, the shape seems to become way more than usual. The Spine starts to look more like a C or S, which is not good at all and might soon begin to generate waves of upper back pain.

However, just like any other disease, Physiotherapy for upper back pain can improve the deformity. At Capri Spine, we always thrive on bringing the best Physiotherapists for you to give you freedom from Scoliosis.

Do Knee Pain Physiotherapy Treatment at Capri Spine

Pain in the knee needs no significant reasons to happen, and sometimes even the slightest of injuries can give birth to it. Talking about the difficulties knee pain brings for you, the worst one is the problem in movement.

Your body will face stress easily and walking or rising up and down from a seat might seem to be too tight. So, how will we get out of this? Well, Physiotherapy for knee joint will treat this effectively as our best Physiotherapists will take control of the situation.

As you can see, Capri Spine is easily one of those prominent Spine treatment destinations where you can get a solution for every back pain of yours through Physiotherapy for back pain. We have a long list of Physiotherapists who have good feedbacks from our patients.

of Physiotherapists who have good feedbacks from our patients.

of Physiotherapists who have good feedbacks from our patients.

of Physiotherapists who have good feedbacks from our patients.


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Mr. Manoj Sharma

Dr. Deepak and his team of dedicated physiotherapist are the best i have come across Hard working, dedicated, always smiling and caring are just a few words to express by experience with them I highly recommend them and all the best to this wonderful team

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Anurag Bhagat

I was suffering from lower back pain. I consulted so many doctors with endless sessions of physiotherapy but no effect. I attended the Capri Spine Clinic for lower back pain on the recommendation of my friend.
Dr Deepak Kumar was attending doctors. Just by a month treatment programme, I had surprisingly good results. Thanks to Dr Deepak Kumar.

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Avinav Kashyap

I had shoulder n neck pain which was migrating to my head and causing severe headache quite often from past 5-6 years. They explained me the root cause of the problem and step by step worked on my problem areas. I felt relieved in the first sitting itself. Well trained, helpful and polite staff. Am really thankful to them.

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Garima Goyal