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Slip Disc Treatment Delhi

Advanced Slip Disc Treatment In Delhi

A large number of people have experienced the best slip disc treatment in Delhi. Patients with health issues such as leg pain, muscles weakness, back pain are most of the time diagnosed with slip disc which is also known as a herniated disc. Among all the patients, some are the permanent habitats of Delhi and most of the patients come from outside the city or village to take the best treatment for slip disc in Delhi. People always afraid after hearing slip disc as they already bear severe pain and there is some misconception that it requires high medical surgery all the time. But slip disc treatment can be possible without any surgery. A various number of quality treatments are there which deals with slip disc treatment without surgery in Delhi. The process of disc herniation or slip disc occurs at that time when cushion sits between spinal vertebrae and it is pushed outside at its normal position.

Different Signs or Symptoms of Slip Disc

Symptoms or signs of slip disc vary as per the location and level of injured disc. As per the latest medical survey of best slip disc treatment in Delhi sciatica and lower back pain are some common symptoms of slip discs or herniated discs. The intensity of the pain gradually increases from mild to the severe. Some sudden signs are also found such as numbness and tingling in the legs and feet, buttocks etc.

Causes for increasing the pain

Healthcare professionals of slip disc treatment in Delhi have identified some major causes which are responsible for increasing the pain gradually. Certain movements like twisting or bending forward for a long time, sneezing, prolonged sitting, and coughing can increase the pain. Due to the natural process of aging, slip discs gradually dehydrate and also lose the resiliency by making them harder to wear. Some other factors which can also damage or weaken the slip discs are such as repetitive movement of twisting, continuous lifting of heavy things or bags incorrectly, smoking, poor posture, traumatic injury, obesity and involved in sports for long hours.

Slip Disc Treatment in Delhi

The first and important step of the best treatment for slip disc in Delhi includes the proper diagnosis of the patient by following his past medical history. Some vital physical tests like MRI, EMG or CT are recommended to the patient in order to verify the exact damage and also the location precisely. Slip disc treatment in Delhi is treated with some specific procedures which include conservative measurements like analgesics, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, some modification in the daily activity of the patient. Physical therapy helps to prevent the disc injury in a great way and for this reason, this therapy is considered as the first and better option for the slip disc treatment without surgery in Delhi. The best slip disc treatment in Delhi is also concerned with the treatment of injections if the pain is severe enough and these injections are generally pushed apart from two to three weeks.