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Capri Spine- Your Ultimate Medical Aid For Spinal Injuries

We at CapriSpine excel at providing the best spinal treatments to patients individually. The equipment we use is of modern and advanced technology and provides you

International treatment standards. We as a spine centre in Delhi provide personalised attention to each and everyone who comes to us to seek medical help.

What Do We Offer?

Spinal injuries could happen to you at any time and anywhere without any advance warning. In fact spinal pain through a problem for the older people, the younger generation suffer through it as well. If you have been playing and you suddenly damage or injure your spine.

It could also happen due to the reason that the younger generation of today is more attracted towards technologies and gadgets than going out playing outside. We are an established and reputed spine centre Delhi. You could come to us with any of your spine problems like back pain, sciatica, spinal stiffness, muscle strain, spondylosis, DISH and many other spinal conditions.  

How Do We Treat Our Patients?

We follow a very painless method when it comes to diagnosing your disease. We do CD-SSAT which is a non-surgical process and has a great effect and is secure and safe. Spinal injury centre Delhi is a worthy rehabilitation which is appropriate for all your spinal injuries. We provide advanced treatment which comprises of electrotherapy, exercise therapy and manual therapy.

This way you would not face any problem and it would be stress and pain-free. You could lead a much healthier and longer life if you treat your spinal problems at our various spine centres in Delhi. We have expert therapists under us who know their job professionally and are expert in what they do and have years of experience to prove it.

Electrotherapy: We follow international standards when it comes to diagnosing your problem. We super specialise in CapriSpine international medical procedures and make sure that you receive world-class service. When it comes to electrotherapy we include long wave diathermy, TENS, interferential therapy, LASER therapy. We give you what our therapist offers and take special care of you with individual attention.

There are many centres all over Delhi. Spine injury centre Vasant Kunj Delhi provides you with all types of medical assistance which would give you a lasting result. CapriSpine gives you a choice of a number of spinal treatment options. You could choose the one you want and avoid physical therapy. Only treatment would not do, keep in mind that regular meditation and diet is also important.