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Get Top-Grade Quality Spine Care Treatment at CapriSpine

If you are looking for best spine doctors in Delhi, we can help you. We are a chain of state-of-the-art spine clinics that offer top-grade quality spine treatment by top spine doctors in Delhi. Our chain of CapriSpine clinics has established itself as well-equipped futuristic clinics that offer unmatched quality spine treatment to patients in and around Delhi NCR. Our focus is physiotherapy and we have been working in this segment for more than 20 years. We are managing about 6 centres in Delhi NCR region and have treated about 80,000 patients so far.

Get Best Treatment in High-End Clinic from Competent Spine Doctors in Delhi

The CapriSpine clinics are equipped with the latest medical equipment and offer top-notch quality service which is at par with international standard. These clinics offer customized care according to the requirement of each patient. We offer treatment in physiotherapy and mode of treatment is drugless and non-invasive, which cost-effective, proficient and safe. We offer our treatment in a soothing and refreshing environment by the best doctor of the spine in Delhi.  The back pain and spine specialists in our clinic are accomplished  physiotherapists. The best spinal cord doctor in Delhi at our clinic emphasizes on the vertebrae discs, inter-vertebral, muscles, joints, and nerves in the neck.

Get In Touch With the Best Spine Doctor in Delhi

Dr. Deepak Kumar is a renowned neurologist spinal cord doctor in Delhi who offers non-surgical treatment to help the patients get relief from back pain. He heads our clinic. He is the senior consultant manipulative physiotherapist and director. He has earned a lot of accolades and certifications during his career life.

He has been certified as the McConnel Concept teacher and is the first Asian to be certified as ‘Mulligan’s Concept teacher’ by MCTA. He is also the president of the ‘Indian Association of the Sports Physiotherapist’ and the Chief Editor of the ‘International Journal of Physical Therapy’. His career life spans over 22 years and during this time he has treated about 85,000 patients.

What are the Benefits of Physical Therapy at CapriSpine?

Various physical therapies such as strength training, stretching and physiotherapy ease pain and improve postures and mobility. These therapies even minimize the requirement of taking anti-inflammatory drugs. Physiotherapy has proved to be effective by best spine doctor in Delhi NCR. It helps in preventing and treating spine pain. Physiotherapy includes dry needling,   stretching, exercises, joint mobilization, and other techniques which would offer relief from discomfort. Some of the best spine doctors in Delhi offer physiotherapy in CapriSpine. Availing the service of best spine Dr in Delhi would help in preventing complications related to spinal pain.

Hire the Services of Best Spine Doctors in Delhi from CapriSpine

Effective non-surgical physical therapy from adept spinal cord doctor in Delhi can help in preventing and treating spine pain. Physiotherapy is a type of physical therapy that minimizes spine pain and at the same time increases mobility, stimulates blood flow in the damaged area and strengthens muscles. This speeds up the healing process. The treatment by top spine doctors in Delhi lowers muscle tension and soreness.

Physiotherapy treats effectively the pain related to the spine related to symptoms. Renowned physiotherapists at CapriSpine recommend stretching and strengthening activities that involve the muscles of the back. Patients suffering from excruciating back pain can get tremendous relief from these exercises. The exercises offer manual therapy for lowering the back pain and improving joint mobility.  

Get Effective Treatment from Best Physiotherapy Doctor In Delhi For Spine at CapriSpine

CapriSpine has the best spinal cord doctor in Delhi. The therapists and doctors at the CapriSpine make an earnest effort to offer world-class treatment to the patients. We offer comprehensive spine care non-surgical treatment which includes ‘DISH spine’ treatment, ‘curved spine’ treatment, ‘spine arthritis’ treatment and ‘cervical spine’ treatment.

The best spine doctor in Delhi NCR offers treatment for all kinds of spinal injuries at our clinic. One of the severe types of spinal injury is anterior cord syndrome. Sports people suffer from this type of injury in which the sensory and motor nerves get damaged. A renowned spinal cord doctor would help patients regain full body movement with injections and physical therapy.

Avail Best Spinal Cord Treatment from Proficient Spine Doctor in West Delhi

Best doctor of the spine in Delhi offers top-grade treatment for central cord syndrome. In this syndrome, injury causes damage to the specific nerve which carries the information from brain to spinal cord. Nerves carry the impulses to the brain from where it is transformed into signals and messages and sent to various body parts.

The injury is a basically direct injury to the cord centre. The injury causes problems like arm paralysis, loss of motor skills, movement disability etc. You can even suffer from bowel and bladder impairment. In such a case you would be unable to hold the urine. With the right treatment from our competent spine doctor at CapriSpine, a patient suffering from this syndrome would be cured.

Get Top-Class Treatment from Adept Spinal Cord Doctor at CapriSpine

At Capri Spine, our accomplished and experienced spine care specialist doctors offer world-class treatment for all kinds of ‘spinal cord’ injuries. Our experienced spine care specialists provide treatment for ‘Brown-Squared syndrome’. In this syndrome, the injury is caused to a part of the spinal cord and a part of the body suffers from paralysis.

Our specialist doctors are proficient to treatment other spinal cord injuries such as tetraplegia, paraplegia, and triplegia. Injuries that occur below the ‘lumbar region’ cause severe pain and lower the function of few body parts. It may cause a respiratory problem and lower the sex drive. Our competent spine care specialists offer the right treatment for speedy recovery.

At Capri Spine, you can expect effective and affordable treatment provided by the best spine doctor in Delhi. Our doctors are experienced and offer first-rate spine treatment. They have the proficiency to provide the best of non-invasive spine care.

They offer top-grade quality spine treatments such as spine arthritis treatment. DISH spine treatment, curved spine treatment, and cervical spine treatment. We are just a phone call away. For effective and result-oriented treatment call CapriSpine. We would be more than happy to help you at the earliest.