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Spine Treatment at CapriSpine - An Essential Part Of Your Health Care Schedule  

Spine injuries are definitely one of the most painful injuries in the human body. The spinal cord is a very sensitive portion of the body which should never be neglected.  Whether it is an injury or a spinal disease, you must visit the best spine hospital in Delhi for high-quality treatment. We at CapriSpine make sure that we provide you with the best spine care treatments possible.

Here we specialise in different spine related treatments such as the DISH spine treatment, curved spine treatment, and the spine arthritis treatment. We believe in improving the health conditions of our patients without the use of any kind of surgical methods. CapriSpine hospital in Delhi is popular for its experienced doctors and therapists who provide the patients with the best of spinal care treatments in and around the city.

Come For The Diagnosis Of Your Spinal Cord Injuries In The Best Spine Hospital In Delhi

One might say that age is the ultimate deciding factor when it comes to different types of physical problems and diseases. But the truth is that spinal injuries and diseases do not always depend upon the age factor. Various conditions and situations can lead to spinal cord problems in people coming from different age groups. Once you realise the significance of the spinal cord diagnosis, you would understand the huge chunk of money that would go into its treatment.

Sometimes even sports injuries on the spinal cord might lead to the issues of paralysis and daily pain problems. During that time, only a few medicines and massages would not be sufficient to heal the issue. Proper medical guidance along with quality treatment should be provided to the patient as soon as possible.   

That is why you must consider CapriSpine as your go-to option. We are one of the top spine hospitals in Delhi where we offer spine treatments to our patients at affordable price ranges. Our main motto is to cure our patients diligently and on time so that they can go ahead with their everyday lives.

When Should You Be Worried About Spinal Stenosis?

The health problems related to Spinal Stenosis basically involves the advent of narrowing down of the spine spaces that lead to the increased pressure on the spinal nerves and cord. In most cases, it has been observed that the spinal stenosis tends to occur in the area adjacent to the lower back. The narrowing spaces in the spinal cord lead to the compression of the nerve root which further results in severe pain in the back of your leg.  

The most common causes of such a spinal disease are the factors related to hereditary, aging, arthritis, trauma or tumour. You might start suffering from severe pain in your legs or lower back along with certain associated symptoms such as:

  • Frequently falling down

  • Numbness

  • Difficulty while you walk

In case of such a condition, you should get in touch with the best doctors at CapriSpine. We are undoubtedly the best spinal cord hospital in Delhi where we offer all our patients with the best services and guidance possible. It is completely our duty to ensure that you go back home from CapriSpine with a cured back and a smile on your face.

Things To Do While Suffering From Spinal Injuries

According to the best spine doctors, both the complete and incomplete spinal injuries are hazardous for the human body. It is really important to get yourself diagnosed in our Spine hospital in South Delhi. Here we make sure that all the diagnosis and treatment procedures are carried out diligently without any hassles. Patients are provided with everything they require ranging from medicines, equipment, and experienced doctors.

The decision of opting for a specific spine treatment determines the kind of subsequent movements based upon the extent of the injury. You need to take care of your lifestyle and health habits after completing your spine care treatment. We at CapriSpine make sure that we provide you with a complete diet chart and exercises so that you are able to take good care of your health henceforth. It would be totally our responsibility to look after you and your health conditions as soon as you visit our spine hospital in Delhi Vasant Kunj.  

Types Of Spine Injuries You Should Be Aware Of

Spine injuries can range from a minor one to a major one where surgeries might be required. CapriSpine totally believes in treating its patients without involving any kinds of surgical processes. We provide all our patients with adequate information and knowledge regarding the different spine injuries out there.  Some of the most common spine injuries that require proper treatment as well as physiotherapy are as follows:

Central Cord Syndrome – This particular kind of injury tends to damage the nerve that specifically carries all the information from your brain to your spinal cord.  It could lead to issues like paralysis of your arm, disability of your movement and loss of your motor skills.

Tetraplegia – This injury involves the permanent damage of your spinal cord. There is nothing as painful as this particular spinal cord injury. You would lose your ability to move even an inch from your position.

Triplegia – This kind of injury is characterised by the condition where you lose the ability to walk on both of your legs. One of your arms becomes paralysed and you lose the sensations of touch and feel with your arm.

Such spinal injuries require proper treatment on time before they take up a wrong turn. You need to be very careful while dealing with such health conditions. Make sure that you reach out to us at CapriSpine which is known to be one of the best spinal cord hospitals in Delhi. Here we would offer you a host of medical services and treatment procedures for all kinds of spine related issues. As a spinal hospital in New Delhi, we would always look after your health needs and requirements and try to provide you with the best treatment possible.