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Spine Specialist Gurgaon

Affordable Treatment Options At Capri Spine For Your Spine And Back Problems

Have you been suffering from back pain lately? If yes, then it is time that you give CapriSpine a visit. Our international standard equipment and professional, and experienced spine specialist doctor in Gurgaon would be there to help and assist you.

What Are The Conditions That We Treat?

  • When you are playing or doing some kind of hard and heavy work, sometimes you may hurt your back. Again, it is a common case for senior citizens as their bones get weak and brittle with age. Then, it is time to visit a spine specialist in Gurgaon.

  • While doing gym or working hard putting effort on your muscle, you may hurt them they may get stiff and cause a lot of pain. At times like this, CapriSpine comes to your rescue and helps you find the correct treatment for your stiff muscles.

  • Failed-Back Syndrome happens when after post surgery you face some back problems due to constant sleeping or taking rest in one exact position.

There are other spine disorders and conditions as well that we provide treatment for.

What Can You Expect From Us?

We have had experience in this field for more than 20 years and with time modern technology has made it easy for us to treat even the toughest of the spinal problems. We give you world-class service with the help of the best equipment that is of international standard. The techniques and methods that we follow for your treatment are unique like electrotherapy and manipulative physiotherapy techniques.

We are very patient when it comes to providing you with treatment and are very friendly as well. We have the best spine specialist in Gurgaon who use non-invasive drug treatments so that your treatment is painless and you recover faster.

How We Diagnose The Ailment?

At CapriSpine we use the latest technology that includes Segmental Spinal Assessment to find the fault that is best in each of your vertebrae. This is done with the help of high-sensitive spine canner which is attached to the computer so that the spine specialist in Gurgaon could observe everything properly and provide you with the correct treatment. You do not have to worry about radiation even. This particular equipment is very friendly and once the biomechanical fault is detected, it becomes easier for the doctor to prescribe the right treatment.

Our treatment solutions do not affect your lifestyle or your health and help you live a pain-free life for a long period of time.