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Why a Spine Specialist Required?

The most coming up problem these days is spine and back pain. Until and unless the pain takes a severe turn we don’t bother to consult a spine physician. Spine problem is a severe one and should not be taken for granted. And with many names coming up these days, one should look for a reliable and best spine doctor who is a spine specialist and provides complete treatment of spine.

Capri Spine’s team of spine physiotherapist in Delhi are dedicated professionals who focus on providing accurate treatment no matter the pain is acute, moderate or severe.

Capri Spine - Specialists

Capri Spine is known for having a team of best spine doctors in Delhi since 1992. At Capri Spine the patient is treated with all the latest technology equipment’s. The spine and back pain specialist are all trusted and renowned physiotherapist and surgeons in Delhi. Cervical spine specialists, at CAPRI, focus on inter-vertebral, vertebrae discs, joints, muscles and nerves of the neck. Dr Deepak, the neurologist spine specialist, provides non-surgical treatment to the patients suffering from severe back pain. Dr Deepak, the neurologist spine specialist, provides non-surgical treatment to the patients suffering from severe back pain.

Worthwhile Benefits Of Spine Physiotherapist In Delhi

Back pain most of the times becomes unbearable and ruins daily life. Many people get trouble while walking around, working out and bending over due to back pain. All around the world, innumerable people are facing these problems. But, thankfully, now these problems can be treated and cured by the expert and trained spine physiotherapists in Delhi. This back and spine pain has become one of the most prominent reasons worldwide for visiting the doctor.

Back and Spine Health:- The weight of the upper portion of the body is supported by the lower back, and it allows us to do all the everyday activity and also to bend, rotate the hips and to twist. Also, the nerves of this area of the body control the legs, feet, and pelvis. The mobility of the body is significantly affected even if there is slight imbalance or pain in the spine.  

Reasons Behind Spine Pain:- The methods of treatment particularly in physiotherapy vary according to the nature of the spine pain. So it is vital to now the probable cause behind the spine pain first.

  • Common Reasons:- The pain may be sharp or dull, the pain can be developed over time, or it can start abruptly one day because of an injury or a weak form of lifting. The primary and common reasons behind spine pain are obesity, poor postures, lack of exercises and prolonged sitting. Prolonged sitting not only damages the spine, but it can also cause long term damages like hip problems, muscle imbalance, sore shoulders, herniated discs, neck pain, etc.  

  • Certain Health Conditions:- According to spine specialists in Gurgaon or of any other place, there are certain health conditions which include the compression of the nerves as well. This affects the spine and the tissues around the spine badly. These health conditions include spinal arthritis, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, vertebral fractures, sprains and strains, skeletal irregularities, sciatica, radiculopathy, osteomyelitis, etc.  

  • Another Health Issues:- Sometimes, the pain in the spine is caused by diseases like infections, arthritis, tumors, abdominal aortic aneurysms, kidney stones, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia.

  • Aging:- Aging is also a prominent reason behind the pain in the spine. As a person gets older, his spine tends to lose its mobility slowly and as a result becomes arthritic.

  • Activities:- There are certain jobs which include activities like pushing, pulling and heavy lifting. If you do these continuously, you are more likely to suffer from spine pain. Sports activities also increase the risk of spine pain especially activities like poor lifting results in

Benefits of Physical Therapies:- The spine pain can be prevented through several physical therapies like stretching, physiotherapy and strength training. These physical therapies besides easing the pain improve mobility and postures. In the long run, it also reduces the necessity of taking anti-inflammatory drugs.

The symptoms and causes of the spine pain are addressed by physiotherapy. After you start the physiotherapy at any of the spine specialist hospitals in Delhi, you will witness the betterment after a few sessions. After the assessment of your health condition and your requirements, the program of your treatment will be set.

The Effectiveness of Physiotherapy in Spine Pain:- Physiotherapy has been proved to be as one of the most effective methods to both treat and prevent the spine pain. This particular practice includes exercises, stretching, joint mobilization, dry needling, and several other techniques as well which will get you to relieve from the discomfort.

Perfect physiotherapy from the best spine specialist doctors in Delhi prevent the complications linked with spine pain. So you must not waste time to get the treatment as only then you will have better chances of speedy recovery.

  • Exercises:- Physiotherapists recommend so many strengthening and stretching activities which involve the back muscles. If you are suffering from acute pain, these exercises will provide manual therapy in reducing the pain and improving the mobility of the joints.  

Physiotherapy not only reduces the spine pain but improves the mobility, stimulates the flow of the blood in the damaged area of the body and strengthens the muscles. This way, the healing process is accelerated. This treatment also reduces the tension of the muscles and the soreness. So, physiotherapy treats the spine pain in some ways according to the symptoms, the techniques of the physiotherapy changes. You can rely on Capri Spine to assess your condition and then to get the best treatment plan accordingly.