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We at Capri believe in providing you with the best treatment and believe in caring, healing and curing. We take it as our responsibility to care for you, motivate you, support you and treat you towards a healthy and painfree life.

At CAPRI Spine Clinic, we treat our patients using an integrated, multidisciplinary and systematic approach that includes accurate evaluation, focus on function, and effective treatment to achieve overall spinal wellbeing.

Effective Therapies

Capri's approach towards treatment is based on a combination of Electrotherapy & Exercise Therapy, and manual therapy. By Exercise Therapy, Capri does not imply just a set of few exercises but 'Manual Therapy' delivered by adequately trained and experienced therapists. More often than not, the manual/ mobilization /manipulation techniques provide immediate and permanent cure without calling the patient daily to the clinic, making the treatment both time & cost effective. The Electrotherapy mode of treatment is absolutely safe, based on the application of ultra-advanced and highly technical gadgets comparable to international standards.

The specialized treatment offered by Capri is based on the best Manipulative Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Osteopathic Techniques, Dry Needling, Taping, Exercise Therapy, Electrotherapy, and Ergonomic Management. Manipulative therapy delivered is a combination of the work of some of most renowned individuals in manual therapy like Mulligan, Maitland, McConnell, Butler, McKenzie, Edwards, Monaghan, Elvey, and O'Sullivan. This specialised form of manual therapy provides biomechanical and functional correction of the involved joint it provides permanent long lasting results in very few visits, which in turn saves patient's time & money as well as reduce recurrence rate of spinal pain.