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How We Treat

CD-SSAT is a non-surgical fruitful approach, grand in status & worthy in its effectiveness, which passes through assessment program & ends with an appropriate & worthy Rehabilitation. It works as a preventive as well as curative measure to provide advanced treatment program comprising of Electrotherapy, Exercise therapy & Manual therapy, for patients who want pain relief without any adverse effects & a healthier lifestyle with long term pain management. By Exercise Therapy, Capri does not imply just a set of few exercises but 'Manual Therapy' delivered by adequately trained and experienced therapists. The specialized treatment offered by Capri is based on the best Manipulative Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Osteopathic Techniques, Dry Needling, Taping, Exercise Therapy, Electrotherapy, and Ergonomic Management. Manipulative therapy delivered is a combination of the work of some of most renowned individuals in manual therapy like Mulligan, Maitland, McConnell, Butler, McKenzie, Edwards, Monaghan, Elvey, and O'Sullivan. This specialised form of manual therapy provides biomechanical and functional correction of the involved joint it provides permanent long lasting results in very few visits, which in turn saves patient's time & money as well as reduce recurrence rate of spinal pain..


By employing the latest computerized and electronic equipment as per the international standards, Capri has super-specialized into spine care services. Electrotherapy modalities including Long wave diathermy, Ultrasonic therapy, TENS, Interferential therapy, LASER therapy etc. can be used in case of spinal pain as indicated for the patient.

Manual Therapy: Manual therapy is a specialized branch of Physiotherapy wherein assessment and treatment of spinal ailments is carried out manually by the Physiotherapist, thereby improving mobility in stiff segment of the spine. Successful MWM and SNAGs techniques should render the offending movement pain-free while significantly improving function during the application of the technique.

Biomechanical Correction: Since manual therapy provides structural and functional correction of the involved joint it provides permanent long lasting results which reduce recurrence rate of spinal pain. Time and Cost Effective: An experienced physiotherapist (Manual Therapist) can treat spinal pain & stiffness in 1-3 visits only which in turn saves patient's time &money . Taping Techniques: It is an essential rehabilitation tool which enhances healing by allowing early activity within carefully controlled ranges. It permits an early return to play/competition/ day to day activities by protecting the area from further injury and avoids compensatory injury elsewhere.